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LIFE Aegypius return - activities 2023

ATNatureza is a partner in the LIFE Aegypius return project, a project in the LIFE program co-financed by the European Commission whose general objective is to increase and consolidate the Portuguese black vulture (Aegypius monachus) population.

During this year, ATNatureza worked actively on the ground within the scope of this project. 

  • Prospecting: We carried out prospecting for areas with potential for the presence of new/unknown colonies of this species in Vale do Águeda, Vale do Côa and south of Douro Internacional. 

  • Marking of young: Four black vulture chicks were marked with metal rings and GPS transmitters in the Serra da Malcata colony. The objective of these markings is to obtain data on the dispersal movements of these chicks when they begin to fly, and thus understand their feeding, sleeping and potential settlement locations in the future. In addition, we collect biological samples to understand the health status of the offspring and thus detect in advance possible factors that may affect the development of the offspring. 

  • Nest repair: This year we plan to repair natural black vulture nests in the Serra da Malcata colony, which are at risk of collapse. This intervention is crucial to guarantee the safety of future offspring and the number of nests available for the breeding population of this species.

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