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Griffin rescue

During this year, ATNatureza technicians responded to the population's requests for help and rescued 3 griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus) in Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo and Escalhão.

The animals were found not flying and allowing people to approach them, so they were safely captured by our technicians and handed over to SEPNA and ICNF so that they could later be transported to a wildlife recovery center. The griffins were juveniles, which is why they frequently appear weakened during their first dispersal flights. 

These animals make dispersive movements at this age, and can go several days without food, which is one of the reasons that justifies this type of event.

We remind you that if you find an injured or weakened animal, you should contact the nearest SEPNA/GNR team or the SOS Ambiente line 808 200 520. Furthermore, if you know a local environmental organization, get in touch so they can help speed up the process.

And one more reminder: it is not advisable to give food to any animal in these types of conditions.

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