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Drone Courses - partnership UAlg

ATNatureza, in partnership with the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of the Algarve, is presenting two Free Courses on Drones, to be held in Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo on May 4 and 5 and between May 7 and 10, consecutively.

For the third year running, UALG's Faculty of Science and Technology has opened two courses to anyone interested, taught by Nuno Loureiro:

Drone Course: Piloting, Image Recording, Accreditation and Legislation

  • focused on getting started in drone piloting and recording photographic and video images, as well as all the legal aspects of accrediting operators and pilots and complying with the legal obligations related to flight operations and missions.

Places: 10

Minimum number of enrolments: 5

Number of contact hours: 10

Price: 75 euros (includes enrolment and insurance)

Course in Drones: Orthophotography, Thematic Mapping and Digital Surface Models

  • with greater specialisation, focused on the production of high-resolution orthophotos and, based on them, the production of thematic cartographies, as well as the production of highly accurate digital surface models. This free course covers topics and practices directly related to drones and topics and practices related to geographic information systems (QGIS 3).

Target audience

  • Professionals whose training/profession matches the objectives of the course;

  • University students;

  • Graduates in Landscape Architecture, Geography, Topography, Agronomy, Forestry, Biology,

  • Geology and other related areas;

  • Senior technicians from local councils;

  • Senior civil protection technicians;

  • Firefighters.

Places: 15

Minimum number of enrolments: 7

Number of contact hours: 20

Price: 150 euros (includes enrolment and insurance)

Access conditions and required documentation for both courses

  • Over 18 years old;

  • Identification document, valid residence permit (in the case of foreign applicants) and tax identification number.

  • Registration form with all the information, including payment details:

Registration form


Each course has a maximum number of enrolments. Only the first registrations are guaranteed a place, once proof of payment has been sent. 

About the trainer

Nuno de Santos Loureiro has a PhD in Geosciences and is a professor in the Department of Earth, Marine and Environmental Sciences at the University of the Algarve.

At UAlg he is the director of the Master's programme in Geographic Information Systems, where he teaches, for example, the course on Drones and Environmental Monitoring.

He also teaches drones to Master's students in Landscape Architecture as part of the Photography and Landscape Representation course.

He also created the Free Drone Courses in 2021 and, in addition to his teaching experience, he has regularly collaborated on various research projects where drones are an important tool for gathering information about the territory and biodiversity.

For more information, please contact us by e-mail or by mobile phone (+351) 914 678 375 .

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