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Welcome to Faia Brava's blog. Here you can follow our actions, projects and all the news.


Active philanthropy

We are very grateful for the invaluable support provided to us this year by several private donors.

We received a large donation from an anonymous donor, which we are very grateful for and with which we were able to purchase a new tractor, essential for the daily management of Faia Brava. We also sincerely thank the Dutch organization Natura Ibérica and its donors for the significant contributions they sent us. With them, we were able to purchase new field equipment, black vulture nesting platforms and we were able to hold a permanent exhibition of Faia Brava at the Côa National Museum. Finally, our very special congratulations go to Prof. Louise Vet for her end of year support for Faia Brava. A gift we won't forget!

These donations allow us to protect and improve nature in the Faia Brava Reserve. They make all the difference in our work. Thank you all very much!

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