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Human activities that result in the destruction of habitats, mass extinctions, pollution, contamination of water and soil, among others, combine with climate change and extreme events, in a situation that is getting worse every year.

Portugal has a diversity of landscapes, ecosystems and species that are unique in the world, so the preservation of the environment must represent a strategic priority. However, its conservation faces enormous challenges.


In these times of global threat, it is imperative to develop a joint action between all the organizations working on issues of defense of the environment and climate change.


With the theme Environment and(m) Climate Change. What Future? The 2023 National Meeting of NGOs will have two main panels, from which it is intended to debate and define a common action strategy:

  • Panel 1 - How has biodiversity conservation considered climate change?

  • Panel 2 - How to defend the environment in the context of climate change?


The works will include a discussion period, which intends to group and synthesize in a joint position:


i) the risks identified by the different organizations; ii) the difficulties found in the application of action plans and iii) the demands of the organizations of an active state action, in the support to the NGOs, in the implementation of their action plans.

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